Sunday, February 26, 2012


          Week 7 is a difficult week for the airmen - it's like final exams except it you fail, you have to start the week all over again and keep doing it until you get it right or they kick you out :)  Fun right...

Here are some of the activities and requirements for Week Seven:
– Air Force history
– Combat stress recovery
– Sexual assault prevention and reporting
– Suicide awareness and prevention
– Financial management
– Sexually transmitted diseases
– Ethics
– Evaluation of drill, reporting and courtesies
– PT (Physical Training) evaluation
– Written test

WOT 7 slideshow HERE

          No call Sunday because it came on Saturday of last week, but I did get a nice long letter on Monday!!  It detailed everything that went on for him last week and I was glad to see he was in such good spirits throughout the whole process.  Sadly, nothing else for the rest of the week!!  BUT Saturday was the best day I've had through this entire experiences so far!!  Saturday morning I received a call bright and early (9am) where he told me he passed ALL his test and evals and even qualified for HONOR GRADUATE!!  Of course he won't know for sure if he got it until sometime next week but he's super stoked!!  He told me he'd more than likely be getting base pass sometime between now and Monday and he was really looking forward to eating real food and possibly going bowling with some of the guys!!  It was a quick but glorious call and I thought that was great....
          I got a letter when the mailman made his noon-time arrival and it was fantastic!  He detailed most of his experience during the beginning of week 7 and said he was looking more and more forward to our visit with every passing moment.  At that point I was content and excited, knowing I probably wouldn't hear from him again for a while.  BUT THEN... I got ANOTHER phone call around 3ish and I was grinning from ear to ear!  It lasted about 30 minutes, and although the connection was horrible (he was calling from a payphone) it was amazing.  We laughed and joked more than we have during every conversation combined!!  He said they granted their base pass earlier than he'd anticipated and that he was hoping if everything went well today, he might even get to call me again on Sunday!  All-in-all I was and still am the happiest lady ever!  Getting to talk to him twice in one day, and hear the tension and stress mostly gone from his voice is uplifting and fantastic!  I thank God that He's granted me so many blessings and I pray that these next few days pass quickly!  We leave for TX for his graduation in a few days and by Thursday I'll be in my airman's arms for the first time in what feels like forever!

I'm sure I won't be updating again until Tuesday of NEXT week but, until next time...

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Here are some of the activities and requirements for Week Six:
– SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape)
– Deployment briefing
– Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills Training (BEAST)

If you're interested in a more in-depth description of BEAST (and to better appreciate exactly what he went through) here is this from the AF Wingmoms FB Page (Link HERE):

Jobs during BEAST:

• Selected by BEAST Cadre from the pool of Dorm Chiefs assigned to the Zone.
• Liaison between BEAST Cadre and flight members.
• Responsible for ensuring all assigned tasks are accomplished within the time allocated.
• Report all disciplinary problems to the BEAST Cadre immediately.

• One trainee per flight.
• Ensure flight members wear the correct uniform and have a neat and clean personal appearance.
• Ensure flight members wear proper footwear in and outside the tent area.
• Brief flight on information and instructions derived by key flight leaders under observation of the BEAST Cadre.
• Report all disciplinary problems by using your chain of command.
• Supervise the behavior of flight members at all times.
• Ensure all assigned personnel are present or accounted for (e.g., hospital and security detail) before lights out. 
• Supervise the cleaning of the tent, common use areas and outside areas.
• Conduct daily checks for cleanliness, damage and proper placement of equipment. Elevate problems to the BEAST Cadre.
• Responsible for assigning and ensuring flight members are covering the designated positions:
• Annotate schedules, track team performances, monitor trainee positions and accountability of all assigned personnel in UCC Tent.
• Assist with tent drills.

• Two trainees per tent. (4 – 6 per flight)
• Accountable for security shifts that the TDT is assigned to cover.
• Assist BEAST monitor in the design and maintenance of the security schedules and response teams.
• Provide TDT Roster to the UCC Tent.
• Brief mission and answer any questions.
• Lead team through mission successfully.
• Keep track of time while deployed.
• Maintain a log of information to be briefed to BEAST Cadre. Ensure the log contains sightings, rescues, tasks completed and OPFOR encounters.
• Ensure assigned personnel are dressed and have all required equipment.
• Perform accountability checks at the end of each day to track completion of mission LEARNING OUTCOMES on each trainee’s BMT (AEF) ID card. Each objective needs to only be checked off once and cards will be collected on Friday.
• Operational Risk Management (ORM)

• One trainee per tent. (2 per flight)
• Ensure response teams are proficient and apply appropriate procedures during all exercises.
• Conduct EM tent drills
• One trainee per tent. (2 per flight)
• Ensure response teams are proficient and apply appropriate procedures during all exercises.
• Conduct SABC tent drills.

• One trainee per flight.
• Assist BEAST monitor in the design and maintenance of the security schedules and response teams.
• Responsible for ensuring those trainees scheduled to perform DFP and report on time, do not miss meals and are relieved on time.
• Assist with the tent drills.

• One trainee per tent. (2 per flight)
Distribute the appropriate number of MREs from Dakota Warehouse or alternate storage facility to each individual assigned to that Zone.
Place MREs inside the backpack until consumed at designated meal times.
Inform your chain of command if a trainee suffers from any type of food allergy or unique dietary requirements (e.g., vegetarian, Halal and Kosher), so they can be issued specific type of meals.
Notify your chain of command of any malfunctioning, missing or broken equipment within your tent.
Interior – look at lights, cots, footlockers, sleeping bags, etc.
Exterior – look for holes in air conditioning/heat hose, lace fabric of the tent, zipper broke on entrance to tent, etc.
Responsible for ensuring that all areas have been inventoried. If items are unserviceable or missing, document the discrepancy and notify the BEAST Cadre.

• One trainee per tent. (2 per flight)
• Ensure accountability of all weapons and inform BEAST Monitor or BEAST Cadre of any missing/unaccounted weapon.
• Monitor weapons safety and inform BEAST Monitor or BEAST Cadre of any horseplay/safety infractions.
• Monitor assigned personnel to ensure they are in direct possession of or within one arms length from their weapon. NOTE
• When in the tent and not field stripping weapon, trainees weapon will be placed under their cot resting on X frame, muzzle facing away from center aisle. : when using the latrine, your wingman can take possession of your weapon. Ensure all assigned personnel are in direct possession of or within one arms length away from their weapon at all times.

• One trainee per flight.
• Assists the BEAST Monitor in maintaining the security and response team schedules.
• Responsible for taking and reporting accountability for mandatory lesson “Introduction to the Code of Conduct.”
Inform a member of the BEAST Cadre if there are trainees on site that have not had this Block I.
Take attendance prior to the video and inform BEAST Cadre of any missing trainees.
• Report to BEAST Cadre anyone that is not present for any portion of the four days of mandatory training.
• Assist with the tent drills.
*          *          *          *          *
BEAST Excellence
Basic Expeditionary Airmen Skills Training (BEAST) takes place during week 6 of BMT. BEAST is a simulated combat deployment exercise in which trainees are responsible for securing a zone in the simulated country of "THOR". The zones are called "Reaper", "Predator", "Sentinel" and "Vigilant". There are multiple flights assigned to each zone.  During BEAST week each zone will be graded on the various scenarios they will encounter, activities they are asked to perform and their overall motivation. At the end of BEAST week the BEAST instructors will award BEAST Excellence to the zone that out performed all others. Points are awarded to the flights based on their ranking during BEAST week, with the flights earning BEAST Excellence getting the most points. These points will be used towards the flights earning Warrior Flight or Honor Flight.  The flights that earn BEAST Excellence do not get any special privileges for winning but they do get bragging rights for beating out all the other flights.

HERE is a slideshow of WOT 6 pictures!!

          I know that's a ton of information, but I figured maybe it'd help you understand the sort of pressure and responsibility that this week brought the airmen!!  They were basically put into a deployment type setting and were supposed to "fend for themselves" by relying on each other and being a united FLIGHT!  It's highly anticipated and usually what most scares the hell out of them and excites them at the same about the entire BMT experience! 
          To start off the week, my husband called me for his "pre-beast" call on Sunday around 3:30 in the afternoon.  We got to speak for about fifteen minutes and he seemed in amazing spirits.  He was hyped for the week to come - told me they were bused off to the "BEAST grounds" at 6am Monday morning and would arrive back on base late afternoon on Friday.  Since I'll probably not get any news from him at all this week, I asked him a bunch of questions to help me prepare for the trip.  I asked what foods/junk foods he wanted the most, to which he answered "Peanut M&Ms, skittles, and GIANT oatmeal pies!"  I'll add that to the other things I'll be taking just for him and hopefully he'll be fully satisfied!!  He also had me reassure the family members who'd be attending that he was looking forward to seeing them and spending time with everyone.  After I got off the phone, and as I was about to go sit down for dinner, I received an email confirmation for my reservation at Gateway Villa - the full-kitchenette TLF (Temporary Lodging Facility) on base. I didn't think I was going to get a spot for us because I'd heard they were full, but I guess because I'd been emailing with the manager over the Inns of Lackland, he held a spot for us and we totally go the hook up!  I am SO STOKED and hoping and praying that our reservation doesn't get bumped for an active-duty military member/family.  I'll keep a positive attitude and pray everyday!!
          Monday... the only day I got a letter.  It was a very nice thing to come home from work to, but that was ALL the communication I got from him... until Saturday (but we'll get to that in a minute!).  On Tuesday I went to the Army Reserve Center off Bell Rd. in Nashville and got my DoD ID made, which was quite a rude and annoying process, but it's done so I'm thankful!!  I'm now the proud owner of a black and white photo where my eyebrows look nonexistent!!  But I'm just glad to have it!!  Afterwards I headed over to the TriCare office, but they weren't very helpful either - much more friendly but they were under the impression that I should wait to take care of my insurance until the hubs get stationed and go to the local office on base. Whatevs, I just wasn't in the mood to be indignant so I said thanks, took my brochures, and left.
          Now to Saturday - around 3pm I got a phone call from my wonderful husband (which only lasted 15 minutes, just like all the others) and it made the entire crappy week wash away.  I always hate that we don't get more time to talk, but it is what it is and it'll change soon!!  I pretty much monopolized the conversation (what else is new?! LOL) and ran out of time before we knew it.  I got all my questions answered and shared all the news with what happened to me and he didn't get a chance to say much.  Oh well, can't change it now - I'll just make more of an effort to LISTEN next time!!  Just knowing he's on the other end of the call makes me so jittery that I can't stop talking :)  But there's only 12 more days left until I'm in his arms again and it can't come quickly enough.

Until next time...

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Here are some of the activities and requirements for Week Five:
– Introduction to the Code of Conduct
– TEMPER (Tent Extensible Modular Personal) tents
– CATM (Combat Arms Training and Maintenance)
– Mental preparation for combat
– Pugil stick application
– Basic leadership
– Basic situational awareness
– AEF (Air Expeditionary Force) prep
– Public relations
– Joint warfar

Click HERE for a slideshow of photos of WOT 5 at Basic

          This week started off with a bang... the Patriots lost and I became uber depressed!  The ONLY good thing to come out of Sunday was a 15 minute phone call from my husband :)  Simply hearing his voice calmed me and made warmth and excitement radiate through me.  This week has been long and hard, especially because it was my first birthday in eight years without him, but we got through it - I got through it.  He informed me he was first in line on Monday to process my DoD info and I should receive it in the mail by week's end (what an amazing birthday present that would be!!!)  He also told me the gas chamber from WOT 4 was insane and quite an experience.  He said the obstacle course got canceled due to inclement weather :( and that he was a little nervous about WOT 6 - AKA BEAST WEEK!!!).  I tried to be as encouraging and uplifting as I could be and we ended the amazing call with a hundred "I love you's" back and forth.
          Monday I received a quick and thoughtful letter.  Tuesday I booked Dad's return flight for grad weekend - he's driving down with us but leaving two days before we are because he has to get back for work.  He'll miss Seaworld on the Saturday of graduation weekend, but to have him there for the Airman's Run & Coin Ceremony on Thursday and of course the actual Graduation on Friday will be fantastic and I'm sure the hubs will be thrilled!!
          Wednesday I received another quick letter and Friday was the big day - I FINALLY GOT MY DOD PAPERWORK!! Of course I didn't get it until I got home from work at seven, so I'll have to wait until Monday to call and setup an appointment to get everything taken care of!  On Saturday the Airman's Run shirts were ready so I went and picked them up and they look fantasticly amazing!!  Cannot wait to wear them proudly!
          All-in-all it was a pretty quiet week and I was a little saddened by that.  I figured the closer we got to the end he might not write as much, but it really sucks :/  I was also seriously hoping for a call on Saturday because I hear all of Beast Week there is no communication - I'm hoping he'll give me a call Sunday though because there are a few things I really need to speak with him about!!!
          If I go on any longer I'll get all sappy and sad - We are in the teens in the countdown so everything feels just barely out of reach!!  I'll keep my head up and continue to be encouraging for my husband!!  Let's go Wolfpack :)

Until next time...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

i accept

it's easy to lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel
it's even easier to get caught up in the words and actions of others
so many things that we can't control - yet we struggle and fight against them
acceptance is hard but i can do it
i don't want to, but i can do it
realizing that what happens for others won't necessarily happen for me
     i accept
understanding that i have to work to make things happen, not just expect them to "fall into place"
     i accept
putting into action the steps necessary to make things go the way i want them to
     i accept
accepting that it won't be easy and i might want to quit, but i can't
     i definitely accept

the things that are worth having the most are usually the hardest ones to grasp onto
the things that are worth having the most are usually the things that don't happen
     unless you work so fucking hard that it is physically painful
the things that are worth having the most oftentimes seem impossible
the things that are worth having the most are things that matter the most
          and i will stop at nothing to make sure those things come true for me
               for us.

i accept whatever happens, because i honestly believe everything happens for a reason
i don't believe in fate
          i believe in circumstances that align just so
               and then taking full advantage of them
          i believe in making your own destiny
          i believe in going after goals 
          i believe in love
          i believe in soulmates
               we are meant to be, and i feel that in the core of my being
          i believe in being the bigger person
               even if it takes a bit of time to swallow that pride
          i believe in family
          i believe in acceptance

i accept but i don't settle.
i accept but i don't give in.
i accept but i won't stop.
i accept but i'm willing to do anything i can to change it.
i accept and i know what that means...
                    that means i've got a step up.
                              that means i'm already ahead of the game.
                                         that means i'll be looking out
                                                    that means i'm ready for anything
                                                              and i'm ready for anything with you.

let's go.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Here are some of the activities and requirements for Week Four:
– CBRNE/chamber training - aka gas chamber
– Anti-terrorism/Force protection level I
– Cyber Training
– Security programs
– Obstacle course
– Weapons evaluation (breakdown and assembly)
– Second clothing issue
– Dress and appearance (service uniform)

          Week 4 held many "fun" and "exciting" things for my trainee (well for them maybe... I certainly wouldn't want to be gassed!!!).  He also got issued his service uniform or "dress blues" as they're more affectionately referred to.  I'm uber excited to see how sexy my honey looks in them!!!!
        For me, this week was long and short, if that's possible.  Work days flew by, but the week seemed to drag on... maybe it's because I'm terribly sleep deprived from all this exercising and manual labor?!  Anywho, no call on Sunday, though I was secretly hoping he'd get the opportunity to call again (since he got his call on Saturday).  I got a very nice letter on Monday with about a week's worth of information in it.  Then Tuesday, while I was at work, I got a random "unavailable" call at like 10am.  Of course I ignored it.  But when my Dad texted me and said we had a message on the answering machine from a TX number (of course he couldn't make out what was said on it) and then I got another random "unavailable" number again, I decided to answer, and man am I glad I did.  It was my hubby!!  He was in the records office filling out paperwork for his security clearance and he needed information from me that he couldn't remember.  He called me about three times within the hour (all for like a total of 5 minutes probably), but I was one happy lady and very glad I got to hear his voice, even if only for a few minutes.  He informed me that my DoD paperwork still hadn't been filed (circumstances out of his control he tells me???) but that he would stay on it and hopefully get it to me by end of WOT 5... we'll see.  I love him to pieces, but he's never really been one to rush through things and he forgets easily so I'm just hoping to get it before we leave.  If not, we can't stay on base Wednesday and Sunday like I had planned.
          Wednesday I made "back-up" reservations at a hotel within walking distance of the base (Carefree Inn). Apparently a lot of other "AF Wingmoms" are staying there as well so I know I'll be in relatively good company :) teehee.  I can cancel up to 48-hours in advance without any penalty and I'm hoping I'll have to!  I REALLY want to stay on base so I'll get the extra valuable and private time with my husband.  He'll be able to relax and we'll be able to enjoy him without the hustle and bustle of all the other graduates and their families all over base.
         Thursday I got three letters... two from my hubby and one from his co-worker and fellow trainee.  During WOT 2 my husband mentioned to me that his fellow road-guard and water monitor wingman wasn't receiving any letters and could I send something encouraging to him.  So I did... a questionnaire about things he likes, how he's doing during BMT, and other random stuff just to give him something to occupy his time.  He sent it back with lots of good info and so I'll send him periodic updates from his hometown and his sports teams... I love to help out a fellow trainee in anyway I can, especially one who speaks so highly of my husband :)  Plus it keeps me even more busy :)  MY sexy trainee's letters were fun and uplifting.  He told me he got the HONOR of dining with the Master Sgt. of the Air Force and some other higher ups - he along with a few other select men were hand chosen by their Dorm Chief!  He was chosen because he's a nice guy, hard worker, team player, and all around strong airman.  I'm so very proud of him and I can't imagine how GREAT it feels to be recognized for simply doing what you're there to do to the best of your abilities!!!  NO other communication for the week but I'm being hopeful that I'll hear from my love tomorrow!!
          To any other wives or loved ones: I've learned over the weeks that mid-week I'll think of something that I want to ask my airman.  Usually by the time call-day comes around I'm so excited with simply hearing his voice and knowing all he wants to tell me that I completely forget my questions altogether or don't remember them until after he hangs up.  A thing I've been doing is keeping a few 3x5 note cards in my purse and anytime I think of something I want to ask him, I write it down.  Then when he calls, I pull out the note card, ask my questions before he starts going into all he wants to talk about, and then I get my questions answered every time!!  Just a suggestion if you happen to be in the same boat as me!!  Right now I have things like "Ask for permission to go to Seaworld," "Have you processed my DoD info yet," and "How was the gas chamber/obstacle course."
         Only 26 More days until I'm in his arms again, and it cannot come quickly enough.

Until Next Time,
Me <3