Sunday, February 5, 2012

i accept

it's easy to lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel
it's even easier to get caught up in the words and actions of others
so many things that we can't control - yet we struggle and fight against them
acceptance is hard but i can do it
i don't want to, but i can do it
realizing that what happens for others won't necessarily happen for me
     i accept
understanding that i have to work to make things happen, not just expect them to "fall into place"
     i accept
putting into action the steps necessary to make things go the way i want them to
     i accept
accepting that it won't be easy and i might want to quit, but i can't
     i definitely accept

the things that are worth having the most are usually the hardest ones to grasp onto
the things that are worth having the most are usually the things that don't happen
     unless you work so fucking hard that it is physically painful
the things that are worth having the most oftentimes seem impossible
the things that are worth having the most are things that matter the most
          and i will stop at nothing to make sure those things come true for me
               for us.

i accept whatever happens, because i honestly believe everything happens for a reason
i don't believe in fate
          i believe in circumstances that align just so
               and then taking full advantage of them
          i believe in making your own destiny
          i believe in going after goals 
          i believe in love
          i believe in soulmates
               we are meant to be, and i feel that in the core of my being
          i believe in being the bigger person
               even if it takes a bit of time to swallow that pride
          i believe in family
          i believe in acceptance

i accept but i don't settle.
i accept but i don't give in.
i accept but i won't stop.
i accept but i'm willing to do anything i can to change it.
i accept and i know what that means...
                    that means i've got a step up.
                              that means i'm already ahead of the game.
                                         that means i'll be looking out
                                                    that means i'm ready for anything
                                                              and i'm ready for anything with you.

let's go.

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