Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Time flies when you're busy with life!

I have most definitely been MIA in the past few months... and let me tell you why:


Plain and simple.

Since October of last year, a lot of things have been happening in my life, making it difficult for me to prioritize this blog, and more importantly my writing, as #1 on my to do list.
I've gotten some sad news about private things.
I've taken a trip to the states.
I've celebrated a major holiday with loved ones.
I've taken a trip BACK to Italy, only to begin packing up my belongings for a trans-Atlantic move.
I've spent as much time as I could with my wonderful friends in Italy before leaving and possibly never seeing them again... wahhhhhh!!!!
I did a little more traveling before leaving and possibly never getting another chance to explore Europe again (YAY GIRL TRIPS TO SLOVENIA!)
I've supervised the rest of the packing and transporting of ALL my earthly goods to two separate households.
I've managed the trans-Atlantic travel of myself, my husband, and my poor pooch.
I've spent three wonderful weeks with my husband and our loved ones before...

watching my husband get on a plane to live in ANOTHER country without me for a year.


gimmie a break (:

BUT... I'm going to get back at it.  I'll be posting some old things that I've written and never published here, mostly dealing with more "work-realted" things.  I'm also going to continue updating you on my fitness life, though I will admit, I've taken a few back-steps over these past two months... I've got 13 pounds show for it!  All my own doing, but nothing to make me want to jump off a bridge or anything.  And of course, I'll continue to create original content for all my wonderful readers!

I hope you all understand and will continue to stick with me through it all!


Until next time...