Saturday, February 4, 2012


Here are some of the activities and requirements for Week Four:
– CBRNE/chamber training - aka gas chamber
– Anti-terrorism/Force protection level I
– Cyber Training
– Security programs
– Obstacle course
– Weapons evaluation (breakdown and assembly)
– Second clothing issue
– Dress and appearance (service uniform)

          Week 4 held many "fun" and "exciting" things for my trainee (well for them maybe... I certainly wouldn't want to be gassed!!!).  He also got issued his service uniform or "dress blues" as they're more affectionately referred to.  I'm uber excited to see how sexy my honey looks in them!!!!
        For me, this week was long and short, if that's possible.  Work days flew by, but the week seemed to drag on... maybe it's because I'm terribly sleep deprived from all this exercising and manual labor?!  Anywho, no call on Sunday, though I was secretly hoping he'd get the opportunity to call again (since he got his call on Saturday).  I got a very nice letter on Monday with about a week's worth of information in it.  Then Tuesday, while I was at work, I got a random "unavailable" call at like 10am.  Of course I ignored it.  But when my Dad texted me and said we had a message on the answering machine from a TX number (of course he couldn't make out what was said on it) and then I got another random "unavailable" number again, I decided to answer, and man am I glad I did.  It was my hubby!!  He was in the records office filling out paperwork for his security clearance and he needed information from me that he couldn't remember.  He called me about three times within the hour (all for like a total of 5 minutes probably), but I was one happy lady and very glad I got to hear his voice, even if only for a few minutes.  He informed me that my DoD paperwork still hadn't been filed (circumstances out of his control he tells me???) but that he would stay on it and hopefully get it to me by end of WOT 5... we'll see.  I love him to pieces, but he's never really been one to rush through things and he forgets easily so I'm just hoping to get it before we leave.  If not, we can't stay on base Wednesday and Sunday like I had planned.
          Wednesday I made "back-up" reservations at a hotel within walking distance of the base (Carefree Inn). Apparently a lot of other "AF Wingmoms" are staying there as well so I know I'll be in relatively good company :) teehee.  I can cancel up to 48-hours in advance without any penalty and I'm hoping I'll have to!  I REALLY want to stay on base so I'll get the extra valuable and private time with my husband.  He'll be able to relax and we'll be able to enjoy him without the hustle and bustle of all the other graduates and their families all over base.
         Thursday I got three letters... two from my hubby and one from his co-worker and fellow trainee.  During WOT 2 my husband mentioned to me that his fellow road-guard and water monitor wingman wasn't receiving any letters and could I send something encouraging to him.  So I did... a questionnaire about things he likes, how he's doing during BMT, and other random stuff just to give him something to occupy his time.  He sent it back with lots of good info and so I'll send him periodic updates from his hometown and his sports teams... I love to help out a fellow trainee in anyway I can, especially one who speaks so highly of my husband :)  Plus it keeps me even more busy :)  MY sexy trainee's letters were fun and uplifting.  He told me he got the HONOR of dining with the Master Sgt. of the Air Force and some other higher ups - he along with a few other select men were hand chosen by their Dorm Chief!  He was chosen because he's a nice guy, hard worker, team player, and all around strong airman.  I'm so very proud of him and I can't imagine how GREAT it feels to be recognized for simply doing what you're there to do to the best of your abilities!!!  NO other communication for the week but I'm being hopeful that I'll hear from my love tomorrow!!
          To any other wives or loved ones: I've learned over the weeks that mid-week I'll think of something that I want to ask my airman.  Usually by the time call-day comes around I'm so excited with simply hearing his voice and knowing all he wants to tell me that I completely forget my questions altogether or don't remember them until after he hangs up.  A thing I've been doing is keeping a few 3x5 note cards in my purse and anytime I think of something I want to ask him, I write it down.  Then when he calls, I pull out the note card, ask my questions before he starts going into all he wants to talk about, and then I get my questions answered every time!!  Just a suggestion if you happen to be in the same boat as me!!  Right now I have things like "Ask for permission to go to Seaworld," "Have you processed my DoD info yet," and "How was the gas chamber/obstacle course."
         Only 26 More days until I'm in his arms again, and it cannot come quickly enough.

Until Next Time,
Me <3

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