Saturday, January 28, 2012


Week 3 was good.  I started a new venture (ie: a temp job working with Auntie!!) so time passed by much more quickly.  Since I am also working out daily and trying to find time to get in a daily letter, I'm so tired I hardly have time to miss him - YEAH RIGHT?!  This week's events included: 

Here are some of the activities and requirements for Week Three:
– SABC (Self Aid/Buddy Care) under fire
– Bleeding control
– Bandages and dressings
– Combat application tourniquet
– Blood clotting agents
– Splint fractures
– Internal bleeding
– Burn treatments
– Shock management
– Airway management
– Spinal injury
– Interview sessions

          The phone call I received on Sunday to kick start the week was the best yet!  He sounded super chipper though a little stuffy.  Apparently it's the norm to get a cold at some point during week 2, so he was on the recovering end I suppose.  He got 30 minutes to talk that time and we both yammered on and on about anything and everything.  Apparently my letters are hits with the entire flight.  I usually send a ton of sports updates, cartoons, funny pictures, and jokes to keep them all entertained.  There also seems to be some sort of "competition" between me and another AB's wife (AB stands for airman basic - Technically he isn't an AB until graduation but he's going to be eventually so might as well just call him that now :) between who can be the most fun and creative with their letters... I think I'm winning :)  The survival skills they learned this week will go towards WOT 6, also known as BEAST week, which is basically where they must survive off of MREs (Meals ready to eat) and their own abilities for a week without any help from their "higher ups" - they must work together as a team to "survive"... but we're getting ahead of ourselves a little!!
          I received a letter on Monday and Tuesday and then a third on Friday.  I'm getting a little spoiled and find myself running home from work with hopes of a letter on a daily basis.  I am happy to get anything, but have found that I'm "expecting" more, which I know I shouldn't!  My "weekly" call actually came on Saturday because they will be doing massive amounts of cleaning tomorrow and won't have time to call - so I'm assuming no call for next week unless it comes on Saturday again!.  It wasn't the greatest call, but simply hearing his voice makes me ecstatic.  We talked about some "tough stuff" (family issues mostly) and paperwork that he has to process so I can receive my DoD information soon!  I'm extremely nervous about this and HOPING I'll receive by the end of this coming week.  I feel my reservations to stay on base will be less likely to be bumped if I am an ID holder.  We'll see - Keep your fingers crossed.  Then he shared a few funny stories about guys in his flight and how he's making the time pass more enjoyably.
          Maybe because I'm PMSing is why I'm so emotional today, but I just feel like crying my eyes out until these 34 days fly by.  There are so many things I'm worrying over, though I know I shouldn't, but I just want everything to go smoothly - I want to be able to spend as much time as possible with him.  Part of me wishes I could just not have any contact with him so I wouldn't miss him more when I DO hear from him.  Of course the other part of me is screaming at that part to shut the hell up and be glad I get the contact at all.  It's a double-edged sword and the internal struggle I'm facing can ultimately be resolved by seeing him and touching him and being with him again.  I know the day will come, but certainly not soon enough for me.

Until next week,
Me :)

OH EM GEE - I almost forgot... 
On Thursday, on my way to work, I happened to be creeping on the USAF Basic Military Training Page on facebook and noticed that they'd finally posted pics from James's unit AND I found these two gorgeous gems of him!! It is so friggin' great to see him and it makes the wait even that more hectic for me!!
Photos courtesy of BVP

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Week 1 felt like the longest week of my life!!  Ugh - everyday passed by slower than the previous and I did everything in my power to occupy myself.  I've been down in the dumps and it's been difficult to not think about him and miss him every moment.  But week 2 was a lot better, I do have to say.

This week held new and exciting things for my airman, most notably he got issued his weapon :)

– Here are some of the activities and requirements for Week Two:
– Career guidance
– Weapon handling and maintenance
– Integrated defense
– Cover and concealment
– Tactical movement
– Firing positions
– FPCON (Force Protection Conditions)
– Defensive fighting positions
– SALUTE (Size/Activities/Location/Unit ID/Time/Equipment) reporting
– Challenge procedures

Click HERE for a slideshow of WOT 2 Pictures from the Air Force Basic Military website.

This is the "review" of the week I posted on the AF Wingmom's site (link HERE) to give you an idea of how things went for me:

"My husband is the 331st - this week was way better than last week!! I got a 15 minute phone call on Sunday around 7:30pm and he sounded tired but awesome! Then since Monday was a holiday - no mail - but I got three letters on Tuesday. I didn't receive any other letters or phone calls, but I did get a envelope on Thursday of this week with a letter from BMT with a schedule of events and a brochure with places to stay in the area."

I was really looking forward to more letters (maybe the 3 in one day thing got me spoiled??) but I'm sure he either didn't have time or he's only going to do a few a week and I should expect some in a couple days??  I'm looking forward to talking to him tomorrow but you never know.  I'll cross my fingers and occupy my time by watching the Patriots win over the Ravens!!  Maybe they'll win AND I'll get to hear from my hubby??  Ya never know.

Until next time...

Saturday, January 14, 2012


For those of you who are interested - I'm going to give some weekly updates about my airman and what's going on for him during his time at Basic.  

BMT stands for "basic military training" and 
WOT stands for "week of training" and begins on Sunday of each week that he's there.  
(There are tons of acronyms in the military - I'll have to get used to this!)

"Zero week" was the first half-week he was there - I got a call on Wednesday morning at about 12:45am to know he got there safely and he also read me his address, whispered a quick "I Love You!" in a very tired voice and that was that.  I found out his TRS (Training squadron) and FLT (Flight) - He's a part of the 331st, also known as "The Wolfpack" and his motto is "Leading the Way!"  And now since it's Monday, yesterday was the official beginning of WOT 1.

Here are some of the activities and requirements for Week One:
– Reporting and saluting
– Medical and dental appointments
– Fitness and nutrition
– Educational benefits briefing (MGIB/Post 9/11)
– ID card issue
– Individual drill
– Flight drill
– Dorm preparation
– Warrior role
– Law of armed conflict
– Chain of command
– Air Force rank insignia
– Weapon issue
– Weapon parts identification
– Human relations and cultural sensitivity

Click HERE for a slideshow of WOT 1 Pictures from the Air Force Basic Military website.

I got a call from him Monday around 8pm.  He sounded tired but very excited to speak with me and in decent spirits.  He got a little emotional after my initial "Hi Babe!"  He said that during zero week he did not receive any mail (though I sent my first letter bright and early Wednesday morning and everyday since and will continue every day until the beginning of WOT 7) so it had been easy for him to not "think" about me and everyone back home.  Of course he remembered us but he wasn't letting himself dwell on what he had left behind because he needed to focus.  He did say that when they gave him his little stack of letters it finally hit him and he became very emotional.  He and a bunk-mate cried and then made fun of one another to lighten the mood.  He was eager to talk about everything, but we only had about 20 minutes to talk so things were rushed and all over the place.  It was obvious that he was still in the "adjusting" mode, but I suspect he's doing great and will eventually fall into a good routine.  He did mention that he's grouped with the PJ (parajumpers - aka the badasses - all the young ones) so he is motivated to be much more active.  He's one of the "elders" (only 24 for cryin' out loud) because the majority of the guys there are in the 18-21 year old range.

All-in-all I'm eager to get this show on the road and find out what life has in store for us once this little beginning journey is completed.  If you are a fellow USAF wife or family member, you should really check out the facebook page: AF Wingmoms (link HERE).  You'll meet up with other people in the same boat as you, can join a TRS/FLT group specific to your loved one, and find out incredible and invaluable information to help you in your own journey!!  They also offer a forum on what to expect from YOUR perspective.  This is what I shared for my perspective (it might be a repeat of some things I've already said, but you get the idea...)  The banner and tees I talk about have to do with the graduation events - an airman's run that happens on the Thursday of the graduation weekend.  You wear shirts and show banners in support of your airman so they can pick you out of the crowd as they run by to show off their stuff as a flight!

AF Wingmoms Post in Forum:

"My Airman is in 331st. I received the postcard with the address on Monday (though it was incorrect!! TI wrote down the wrong info for the boys!). I did get a 20-minute phone call on Monday as well, around 8pm, and he sounded strong though sad. Said he'd received a handful of my letters that morning so the TI had held the sqad's letters from 0 Week. He expressed that though he missed us, he hadn't really "thought" about home until receiving the letters. He got choked up so I changed the subject! I want him to focus on the task at hand and the end goal!! After speaking with my husband I ordered the banner (I wanted to be sure of the TRS/FLT before ordering and given that it would take "up to 6 weeks" from and ended up getting it by Thursday! I have designed the tees but am waiting on a total count before ordering them. I have compiled a list of "rules" for other family members that are planning on attending just to be safe.  I plan on sending this out within the next couple weeks. I received my first 2 full-page letter on Saturday!!!! Though I'm staying positive and keeping busy, this has felt like the longest week of my life! Looking forward to onward progress and what Week 2 has in store!"

Until next week...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Journey Begins

Today, you left.
You won't be gone for long, I know, but nonetheless, you aren't here with me.
I know things seem like the absolute worst, but I know they'll get better.
I know I broke down with that last hug and to let you go into that airport without me took every ounce of my strength.
I know I bawled the entire walk to the car by myself and sat there for a few minutes to collect myself.
I had to remind myself that life wasn't over and that I'd see you again soon.
                              It could be worse.
                                        You could be leaving for deployment overseas.
                              It could be worse.
                                        You could be stationed somewhere that I couldn't go with you.
                              It could be worse.
                                       We could have kids who'd remind me everyday how much more I could miss you.
                              It could be worse, and it isn't.
It's bad now, sure, but in a year or two when you've made something of yourself and you can hold your head high and be proud, I'll look back on this time and think how selfish I was being to want to keep you here with me.
We can get through this and we will.
One day at a time, one letter at a time - a countdown until I get to see you again.  
I love you and I can't wait until I see you as the US Airman I know you can be.