Thursday, April 18, 2013

Budoia the Beautiful

Our little neighborhood is very quaint.  Not only is it filled with cute, old people, but we have beautiful landscapes, backdrops, and nature.  It's not often that you'll find me saying that I enjoyed something that was done outdoors; not only do I hate bugs and being sticky with sweat, but I hate mud, twisting my ankle on uneven paths, having stones/rocks pierce through the soles of my shoes, my glasses fogging up when I get overheated... yeah just not my cup of tea.  BUT in my aging and because of my undying love for my husband, I've come to try more things and be more easygoing in life.  So, I suggested that my little family of three go for a trek through town and explore the offerings of our Italian hometown.  The actual trail that we ventured on is about a ten minute walk from our driveway, and then once we got to the trail, it was up to us how far we wanted to traverse.  My husband who had already explored on a run before me, and who knows my limits, took me just far enough to enjoy without becoming completely overwhelmed by hills and rough terrain.  Needless to say, the three of us had a great time and we're looking for another hidden wonderland to scout out on the next nice day that comes our way.  

Other than that, not much has been going on.  We're gearing up towards our awesome surprise... more details to come once all is over with!  Until then, you probably won't be hearing much from me.  But enjoy the pics until then...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

MARCH goings-on

Ciao!  March was definitely full of eventful things!  I've been trying to make the most of my time... and just because we're skimping for an upcoming surprise (still can't tell you what it is yet!) doesn't mean we can't have a little bit of fun!!  The second weekend of March we were invited to a wine tasting for our friend's upcoming wedding, and boy did we have a good time (and it was FREE).  Afterwards, the group went out to dinner to sop up the wine in our sloshy bellies!  Here are some pics from the winery:

Then the next day, another one of our friends hosted "Sunday Funday" at their place: game night, lots of food, and great people.  We had quite a blast there as well!!  Check it out:

Playing Taboo!!

The gang minus me
The gang minus James

The following Saturday, I had brunch and mimosas at a friend's house and then we took the train to a nearby city and scoured the market.  It was my first time on a train and it wasn't  too bad, except for the ride back, I sat "backwards" and got a little motion sick... I'll just know for next time to always face the direction we're moving!  I got a few gifts for a certain someone and purchased a new dark purple purse for myself that I immediately went home and switched into!!  Then Sunday was St. Patrick's Day and we had a gathering of large proportions!  I made a few traditional Irish dishes and some people brought desserts to accompany.  We played some games and had some fun in a makeshift photo booth I put together.  All-in-all it was another solid weekend. 


I decided mid-way through the month that I was going to try eating better and getting fit, so I started a new workout regimen.  Been at it for a little over two weeks, and I'm already seeing some results, though it's not without its difficulties.  The hubs seems to be stoked and it's sparked a new interest for me to get out and do more things, like playing in the dirt.  We decided to beautify our yard and have been taking advantage of the few spring-like days, getting out, mowing, weed-eating, planting flowers, the works.  I can't wait until Spring is in full bloom around here and my flowers start sprouting!

One of our friends had a birthday on the 26th, so we went out and celebrated with her at Pogue Mahone's Pub.  They have this awesome cheery beer, Kriek, and I LOVE it! We had a great time and got to celebrate a wonderful person!

Matching tights with the bday girl!

For Easter, we went to some friends' house and celebrated and played games.  Although we didn't get to undergo our traditional Easter dinner and family time, we still made a night of it.  Having these wonderful friends here really helps us not to miss home so much.  Well, maybe I should say think about missing home.  We miss our family and familiar surroundings everyday, but getting to do fun things and having awesome people here to do those fun things with makes everything seem okay.

Sorry I haven't been posting much.  Although it's not because I've been writing, I have been taking on lots of things and just haven't had the time!  Keep reading though, I'm sure more adventures await me!

Until next time...