Sunday, February 26, 2012


          Week 7 is a difficult week for the airmen - it's like final exams except it you fail, you have to start the week all over again and keep doing it until you get it right or they kick you out :)  Fun right...

Here are some of the activities and requirements for Week Seven:
– Air Force history
– Combat stress recovery
– Sexual assault prevention and reporting
– Suicide awareness and prevention
– Financial management
– Sexually transmitted diseases
– Ethics
– Evaluation of drill, reporting and courtesies
– PT (Physical Training) evaluation
– Written test

WOT 7 slideshow HERE

          No call Sunday because it came on Saturday of last week, but I did get a nice long letter on Monday!!  It detailed everything that went on for him last week and I was glad to see he was in such good spirits throughout the whole process.  Sadly, nothing else for the rest of the week!!  BUT Saturday was the best day I've had through this entire experiences so far!!  Saturday morning I received a call bright and early (9am) where he told me he passed ALL his test and evals and even qualified for HONOR GRADUATE!!  Of course he won't know for sure if he got it until sometime next week but he's super stoked!!  He told me he'd more than likely be getting base pass sometime between now and Monday and he was really looking forward to eating real food and possibly going bowling with some of the guys!!  It was a quick but glorious call and I thought that was great....
          I got a letter when the mailman made his noon-time arrival and it was fantastic!  He detailed most of his experience during the beginning of week 7 and said he was looking more and more forward to our visit with every passing moment.  At that point I was content and excited, knowing I probably wouldn't hear from him again for a while.  BUT THEN... I got ANOTHER phone call around 3ish and I was grinning from ear to ear!  It lasted about 30 minutes, and although the connection was horrible (he was calling from a payphone) it was amazing.  We laughed and joked more than we have during every conversation combined!!  He said they granted their base pass earlier than he'd anticipated and that he was hoping if everything went well today, he might even get to call me again on Sunday!  All-in-all I was and still am the happiest lady ever!  Getting to talk to him twice in one day, and hear the tension and stress mostly gone from his voice is uplifting and fantastic!  I thank God that He's granted me so many blessings and I pray that these next few days pass quickly!  We leave for TX for his graduation in a few days and by Thursday I'll be in my airman's arms for the first time in what feels like forever!

I'm sure I won't be updating again until Tuesday of NEXT week but, until next time...

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