Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Gigs

Let's hope I don't jinx anything by writing about this so soon after it starts rolling for me... But I've gotten myself a new writing job. I'm freelancing with a few sites - landed a few small jobs (ghostwriting, article writing, etc), but I'm also managing the writing aspect of the blog for Partytopia Events based out of Denver Colorado - a full service wedding and event planning company.

Check out my first piece, published on their site today - Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas: How They Do It. There's some pretty cool stuff in there if you're in the proposing market, or you just want to read about em. It'll be a three part series, the other two to come out soon :) And this isn't the only topic I'll cover. Everything from tips, information, insider view, vendor recommendations, to real-life wedding recaps! Loads of stuff, so keep looking in to see the topic of the week!

But check it out, leave feedback (content and style), and join me in a little celebratory air five. There's more to come from me... I'm just getting started!

Until next time...