Saturday, January 21, 2012


Week 1 felt like the longest week of my life!!  Ugh - everyday passed by slower than the previous and I did everything in my power to occupy myself.  I've been down in the dumps and it's been difficult to not think about him and miss him every moment.  But week 2 was a lot better, I do have to say.

This week held new and exciting things for my airman, most notably he got issued his weapon :)

– Here are some of the activities and requirements for Week Two:
– Career guidance
– Weapon handling and maintenance
– Integrated defense
– Cover and concealment
– Tactical movement
– Firing positions
– FPCON (Force Protection Conditions)
– Defensive fighting positions
– SALUTE (Size/Activities/Location/Unit ID/Time/Equipment) reporting
– Challenge procedures

Click HERE for a slideshow of WOT 2 Pictures from the Air Force Basic Military website.

This is the "review" of the week I posted on the AF Wingmom's site (link HERE) to give you an idea of how things went for me:

"My husband is the 331st - this week was way better than last week!! I got a 15 minute phone call on Sunday around 7:30pm and he sounded tired but awesome! Then since Monday was a holiday - no mail - but I got three letters on Tuesday. I didn't receive any other letters or phone calls, but I did get a envelope on Thursday of this week with a letter from BMT with a schedule of events and a brochure with places to stay in the area."

I was really looking forward to more letters (maybe the 3 in one day thing got me spoiled??) but I'm sure he either didn't have time or he's only going to do a few a week and I should expect some in a couple days??  I'm looking forward to talking to him tomorrow but you never know.  I'll cross my fingers and occupy my time by watching the Patriots win over the Ravens!!  Maybe they'll win AND I'll get to hear from my hubby??  Ya never know.

Until next time...

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