Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Body...

My eyes crave the chance to gaze into yours again.

My nose needs to trail along your jaw playfully.

My lips thirst to press intimately and intensely against yours... desperately.

My chin wants your fingers raising it for that kiss.

My neck tingles knowing how your breath feels tickling it.

My chest swells with the knowledge of what your heartbeat feels like against it.

My arms throb with the anticipation of embracing you.

My hands tremble at the thought of yours grasping onto them.

My palms scream to press against you.

My fingertips ache to caress your face.

My torso desires itself to be laid across you.

My waist demands attention from your fingers, hands, arms, much more...

My legs yearn to be wrapped around you, entangled with yours.

My feet long to slide against your smooth skin.

My toes require yours to keep them warm at night.

My body misses every piece of yours.

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