Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Now that things have calmed down a bit... it's time to share that huge, super secret news that I had to keep under wraps - we went HOME!  Since January we were the proud owners of two, round-trip tickets to the states and on April 24th we rode the British Airways on over to America!  Only a few people knew, and the ultimate goal was to surprise each of our parents, which we did successfully!  Our first stop was in Orlando, FL, where we attended our dear friends' wedding.

The groom & my hubby!

The competition for which table eats first!

My handsome husband and me!
The bride had a very cute photo booth with props... we had a blast with it!
Getting in there for the garter!

Then we hit up Pensacola for a few days and chilled with the hubby's family that's there.  We spent a lot of time catching up and relaxing.  We were sure to get my hubby almost 8 pounds of fresh shrimp, something we can't get back home.

And finally we ended up in our quaint, quiet little town of Portland, TN where we spent 16 wonderful days (including our two-year wedding anniversary and Mother's Day) with a mix our families (mostly mine) and friends.  It was quite possibly the most at-ease I've felt in almost 9 months; oh and I ate some of the tastiest things I could get my hands on, lending to the almost 10 pounds I'm sure I gained - YIKES!  

Yeah... we don't get Mexican food in Italy!
Da kitty.
Anniversary Breakfast for my man: Over easy eggs, grits, cinnamon swirl toast,
honey nut cherrios, and chocolate milk!
On our way to celebrate our special day!  We went to the Hendersonville Park, fed the duckies and
swans & walked around for a bit in the breezy weather.  Then we went and played putt putt and the hubs
hit up the batting cages.  Then he took me to the Aquarium at Opry Mills Mall, which was where we
went for dinner the night of his senior prom about nine years ago!  It was beautiful and romantic and amazing!

Cookout/Game night with the fandamily!

Jess & Me at B-Dubs before we went to see The Great Gatsby!

A little bit of cornhole in the cold TN "spring"

We celebrated the hub's birthday a few days early since
we weren't there on his actual day!

Don, the goofball :)
Basically our trip was freaking fantastic!  There were certainly a few low points, as well as super high points.  I didn't get to spend as much time with my brother as I would've liked because he had to work a bunch, but I'm just glad that he's trying to be responsible in his life.  I also didn't really get as much time with my mom as I would've liked because she has to work for a living, but I did take advantage of every moment with her and tried to spoil her a bit on Mother's Day (I gave her pedicure and the hubs cleaned/detailed her van - something she's been asking us to do for like five years)!  I wish I could spend every day with her, letting her know how important she is my life, but growing up means going your own way.  So this will have to do until we hit the lottery and I can move her around with me wherever we go :)

Until next time...

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