Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Goings-on

Hello Readers :)
My love has been working, I've been burrowing under covers in this 5°C weather, and spending my days living in Stars Hollow with the Gilmore Girls because it reminds me of home and I'm homesick.  When I'm not overloading on Lorelais, I'm slowly getting back the urge to write.  I'll see a scene in the show that makes me envious of its genius and it inspires me.  I'll watch some human interaction go down and I'll want to capture those same emotions and actions in my own way.  I've been doing a small bit of research - that's really why I originally stopped writing; I'd exhausted the imaginative and make-it-up-as-you-go part of the book and needed cold, hard facts and had no desire to recreate history and rework factual evidence.  Now... I'm doing small bits of work at a time and I think I have a good idea for the next phase.  Just keep bearing with me people... I'll get there.

So, as you might assume, I've been going stir crazy.  I get my weekly dose of my Italian family (all the airman who bless me with their presence every Sunday) but I'm wasting away here because history and art and culture and adventure are surrounding me and we haven't had the time (nor the money) to go and see it for ourselves.  I told my husband we had to get out, so we took advantage of the ITT program on base and are going to VERONA on Saturday the 3rd and I cannot wait!  Of course, in preparation for an out of town adventure, I had to warm up to the idea of being out of the house (please note the large amounts of sarcasm here) so we "celebrated" Halloween with some friends!!  The base hosts a Fall Fest on the weekend closest to Halloween, and though it's geared more towards the kiddies, we wanted to partake.

I love him to pieces :D

 We had a blast, even if it was wet and rainy out and about the stalls!!

ITT offers something fun every weekend and I'm already gearing us up for another weekend adventure this month - Nov 23-25 they're going to the French Riviera and it's SUPER affordable.  We're discussing it and seeing if the hubs can go without taking leave (he just so happens to already have all 3 days off!).  I'll keep you updated!

SO this one was short, yes, but expect a super de duper de long one sometime early next week when I recap the amazing (hopefully) trip to Verona!

Until next time...

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