Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tech School Trip #3

          This last trip was so much fun!!  I got there early Thursday with the intention of taking care of some pre-moving appointments (like getting my passport, getting my medical clearance, etc.) but that didn't work out.  So the husband and I spent the evening eating Bootleggers pizza and watching TV.  He, unfortunately, was unable to stay the night with me because he had a mandatory function bright and early on Friday morning, so he left around 930 and I hit the hay early.
          Friday was very relaxing, spent being lazy the first half of the day and semi-productive in the afternoon.  That night I was finally able to meet one of my husband's friends, and the three of us went out to dinner at this Caribbean place (they had the best fruit punch ever and I'm planning on going there just for the drink when I return this weekend).  It was nice to finally put a face to a name I'd been hearing so much about!!  After we returned to our room, we immediately went to bed because the next day held so much fun!!
          Saturday we went to New Orleans!!  It's about a 2 hour drive from the base and our sole intention was to enjoy ourselves and see a new place neither of us had ever been to before!  The town itself seems to still be in a state of rebuild, but the old architecture and the neat places make for an interesting little town.  But our main event was the Audubon Zoo!  It was hot as hell, but we were prepared to soak up the sun and see some adorable (and dangerous!) animals!!  Here's a little glimpse into our trip:

We had a great time and were completely exhausted by the end of the day!!  So, we drove home and took a little nap.  We enjoyed a nice, homemade dinner, and some Skyrim time.
          Sunday didn't start out so well.  As most of you military SOs are aware, you can only book on-base lodging for three days at a time.  On the day of checkout, you have to call early in the morning to see if you're able to secure extra days.  If you can't stay, you gotta checkout by 11 and hope that some place nearby can take you in (of course at triple the price of base stay)!  When I awoke Sunday morning to extend for another day, I was told there wasn't anything available - great thing to wake up to at 5am, right?  The lady said to call before checkout to see if things had changed, but to be prepared to have to leave.  So I got up, made my love an amazing breakfast, and we just laid in bed together hoping we could find some other place to hang out.  We decided that if I was unable to stay on base, I was just going to leave early because it was so much more expensive any other way and we could save that cash for another trip.  I prepared a picnic lunch for us to enjoy after I had to checkout and we were good to go.  BUT it was all in vain because when I called at 1030, I was able to secure another night!!  It was great news and my husband was so happy we would get to spend even 10 more hours together (I could see the relief all over his face)!  Anywho - we enjoyed every minute of our time together just like we do every time we're together.  We try our hardest not to waste our precious moments because who knows when he can be taken away where he's not just a car drive away?  
          We are still working towards getting everything taken care of for our PCS to Italy.  I've gotten the pooch chipped and re-vaccinated (all we have to is get her "certified" by a USDA vet and buy her a shipping crate and a "plane ticket" for cargo shipment).  I have to get my passport and visa done when I visit this weekend and my hubby has to get a "level 3" tooth pulled this week.  Unfortunately, because of the necessary oral surgery, his return home for his leave will be pushed back for at least a week and possibly up to another month :(  BUT these things happen and I better learn to live with things changing without any notice at the drop of a hat.  It could be so much worse and I'm thankful that he's safe and sound and in the states!  This only makes me that much more excited to see him this weekend (and see him graduate from tech school next week!!!!!!) and get our lives started in a new country, hell a new continent!

Until next time...

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