Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Habitual Charlatan

Here we go again, that petty business we call deception.
You've started it back up, that hateful deceit.
I see you weaving it oh so well, it's fabrication.
It's something you've mastered, one thing you easily repeat.

I see you foolin' other people
(Or maybe it's just that they really don't care)
You throw around words like love, harmony, and tranquil
And yet you couldn't fathom how those actions are even prepared.

Distortion to you is the natural way of seeing things
Invention is the only way you can look at yourself in the morning
I hate that you don't know what honesty brings
Because it's quite a wonderful feeling.

You don't have to keep up with which untruth you spread this instance
It isn't necessary to remember the exaggerations
Being truthful isn't rocket science
When you can be trusted, no one questions your motivations

I'm done feeling sorry for you
I honestly think you're a lost cause
I just hope for your sake you understand your value
Measures up to nothing but naught.

This is dedicated to anyone out there who's sick and tired of those empty promises of "I'm going to be a better person," or "I just want everyone to get along, man," when all along that "promiser" has been and always will be the true two-faced gossip-monger. =)  Goodnight!

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