Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wedding Poetry

Time ticks by
I sit and stare
So many things are there
I can't figure out why

I can't make myself get going
A list of things to do
Others misconstrue
None of them truly knowing

I'm ready and anxious
But unable to jump on it all
Not enough help (I'm not a catchall)
No motivation to finish

Not because I'm scared
Or because I'm changing my mind
I really want that new-name line signed
No more waiting, I need it declared.

Only a few more days
Just so ready for it to be finished
Not because I want things rushed
But because I want to say

"Hi I'm Mrs. Cain,
I'm married to this wonderful man.
Our wedding was grand
Our life will be anything but plain."

I'm not hesitating
I'm not trying to rush out of fear
I simply want the day here
So I can enjoy it, radiating and beaming.

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