Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Pup

          She longs for a moment of any attention, whether good or bad.  She lays at our feet, wondering if moving closer will make us want to bend over and scratch behind her ears.  No one can say for sure, except for maybe Cesar Millan, exactly the thoughts that run through her mind, but we've imagined dialogue for her voiceless soul.
          Her love for watching cars can only be outweighed by her adoration of her human parental figures.  Her lazy Mommy rarely plays with her, cursing herself over the lack of exercise the poor dog gets.  She certainly has more energy than the typical dog, and they try to make up for it by having a lengthy Frisbee date every weekend.  She tries to compensate by allowing the animal child to lie around on the couches, snuggled up beside her, slathering her in kisses, hugs, and plenty of belly-scratching.  When Mom is up and about, she's right at her heels, waiting for a crumb to fall or ball to be dropped, signaling that any time is the right time for some ball-chasing.  At night, the second that door opens, her heart rate increases and she slithers across the floor, giving snakes and fish a run for their money.  "Daddy's home!  He's home!  Oh my goodness I am so excited to see him!  Can we play, or go outside?!  I love going outside!"
          "Hi pretty girl!  Have you missed me," usually screeches out as our response, because the higher your pitch, the more the tail wags, making you feel good about yourself for at least a few minutes, because you know she's genuinely excited to be in your presence.  When we've had an unusually difficult day, our response falls more along the lines of "Lucy, chill!"  She sits, tail still waving frantically, her tongue hanging out of her mouth, breaths coming more and more rapidly, all the while being patient for that one moment of affection.
          Dinner time is one of her favorites because she's spoiled to the core, her Dad allowing her the remnants left on his plate after he's finished.  If she's really lucky, she'll get her own portion mixed into her silver bowl.  When she's nice and full, she'll plop down on her comfy over-sized pillow and watch the room, keeping a protective glance at the door, making sure that nothing interferes in her world.
          Bed time comes and she knows her place, cozy and warm in her padded, darkened, lair, only feet from her guardians' resting place.  When she's feeling lonely, and especially when there's a storm, she jumps up and nestles herself between them, saying, "Please don't be mad, but I'm so frightened!  Let me sleep up here until I'm okay.  Can I please put my wet nose against your warm arm and nudge you ever so slightly, that way you can comfort me the way you always do?"  Drifting into sleep is one of the hardest things for her, always alert, ears perked listening to the sounds that are too far away or too soft for human ears to hear.  Utter love and devotion are what flows through her owners hearts, and although they don't always make every moment about her, she's the most forgiving living being they'll ever know.  She never asks questions, never holds grudges, always listens, and is always ready to give a wet, loving lick across the chin, foraging in their minds the most-widely known fact in the world... "A dog is a man's best friend."


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  1. You almost make me want to get a dog, almost, not quite... ;) You certainly do paint a convincing picture, if I could only forget about the potential vet bills and the cost of food and boarding when you go on vacation. There are a lot of pros and cons associated with pet ownership, you did a great job of reminding us of the pros.