Wednesday, August 6, 2014

the buildup...

     She surprised him at the door when he got home from work, dressed in nothing but a tank and her panties.  His eyebrows rose in a happy appreciation and he welcomed her open arms and hungry kiss.  After a few seconds, he matched her intensity and soon he was controlling the tempo, pushing hard against her mouth, sucking lightly on her bottom lip.  She smiled against his greedy kisses and lingeringly pulled away, eventually turning to lead him to their awaiting bed.
     She smiled to herself as he grabbed at her, not wanting any space between them now that he was aroused and filled with anticipation.  She stopped, turning to face him, and dragged his shirt over his head.  Dropping it to the floor, she rested her open palms on his pecs, letting her hands trail down his chest and ending at the top of his pants.  She leaned up on her tippy toes, finding his waiting mouth, already parted to accommodate more passionate kisses.  He grabbed the sides of her face and she melted into him, using her expert fingers to unbutton his trousers and let them fall to the floor.  She took over their embraced lips, parting from his mouth to stream little pecks across his jaw, over his hammering heart, down his fuzzy happy trail.  She bent all the way to the floor and quickly untied his shoes, coaxing his feet out and freeing him from almost all of his clothes.
     When she straightened up, she pulled her own shirt off, both of them equally matched in their near-nakedness.  He looked at her adoringly, whispered a breathy, "God, I love you," before quickly closing the distance between them and entangling themselves together once again.
     While they kissed, their lips swelling with each passing moment, he placed his hand at the small of her back and gently guided her to the bed.  He laid her down, momentarily breaking their connection, then crawled to her.  Suspended over her, allowing himself to take in her full beauty lying beneath him, he lightly traced the curves of her body.  Her eyes rolled back, relishing in his delicate touch, and when his mouth found hers again, she felt herself breaking open, letting him inside her thoughts and emotions.  She allowed him to overcome her completely, letting her own hands roam his body, feeling every ripple of his muscles, the light sheen of sweat already covering his flesh.
     His scent overwhelmed her, and when he parted from her mouth to press soft kisses against her chin, down her neck, and beyond, she could feel that scent burrowing into her mind, knowing she'd never forget it.  Ragged breaths left her as he traveled her body, both with his mouth and his hands.  She shut her eyes tight, grasping the blanket beneath her in ecstasy and let everything else about him take her over, too.

Until next time...


  1. Well that left me wanting more.....

  2. First: goosebumps
    Secondly: can you please rewrite or do your own 50 shades version?! The world would greatly appreciate it