Wednesday, January 1, 2014

ROME... a little late.

 SO my husband and I joined a couple of our friends for a Roman adventure the first week of December (1-5).  It was LOTS of time spent walking/running (to catch buses and trains), but it was amazing and fun and allowed me to scratch off another "wish list travel place."  Check it out...

My face says it all... seriously though, these long distance trains are AMAZING compared to their shorter distance counterparts!  LOVE the luxury!
A little glimpse into where we stayed for the time we were there... we rented an apartment through "Apartments Apart" on and we were very pleased with it!

Night exploring... went to the Circus Maximus

On the bridge to go to Tiber Island

Explored a lot of the forums throughout the city

Best picture of the trip... a night spent wandering around the Colosseum!
Day vs. Night!
Inside the Colosseum

Inside the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Baths of Caracalla

Another night vs. day look, this time at the oldest Church in Rome


 (Ssshhhh... I took pictures inside the Sistine Chapel!)

On the roof of St. Peter's!  I stayed on this level, but the boys went up to the Cupola inside that dome behind us!

 (Right outside of the Pantehon!)

The Trevi Fountain

The Citta del'Acqua underneath the Trevi Fountain!

It was pretty much an amazing trip and I was so glad we got to share it with other people.  Yes my feet were swollen for like a week after we got home, but it didn't really matter in the grand scheme of things!  Can't wait to continue exploring this awesome continent!!!!

Until next time...

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