Friday, December 2, 2011

lucky me.

you make my world complete.
and I'm not trying to sound like Jerry McGuire here, I honestly mean it.
without you, I don't know how I'd get through a day.
I honestly don't know how I made it through the first fifteen years of my life before you came along.
it's as if I'd been waiting for you.
it's as if I knew you were waiting for me.
it's as if we were meant for one another.
and I'm not trying to sound like some sappy romantic girl obsessed with soul mates and impossible love.
I mean it just as it sounds.

everyone tells me how lucky I am to have a man like you.
but I don't need their validation or observations.
I already know.
I know how lucky I was to find you on the first try.
I know how lucky I am to still have you.
I know how lucky I'll always be to keep you.

I don't know if love at first sight is real or not,
but I think I knew right away with you.
I remember how you took my breath away,
even if we were both so nervous,
that first time you kissed me.
I remember how the butterflies stayed long after I thought they were supposed to.
I remember how I never wanted to be without you,
and how I still don't.

people tell me after so many years you just start to expect the other person to just be there,
and that the love fades,
and that the affection slowly dwindles,
and that the butterflies will never show again...
but they don't really know you and me.
because even after all these years,
I still get them.
and you can still take my breath away.
and I always want to be touching you, holding you, right beside you.
and I'll never want to be without you,

I know I'm lucky to have found you,
especially on the first go.
and I hope that in fifty years when we have three kids, a fabulous house, and a life worth bragging about,
that you can still say the same about me too.
because I know that my feelings for you will never change.
call it loyalty,
or quite simply,



always have, and always will.

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